Vacant Land

Vacant Land in Los Angeles


Hauling in Los Angeles specializes in efficient property lot clean ups. Often times vacant lots are left untouched for months, leading to a hazardous yard and danger zone for children. Vacant lots are prone to citations and fines from the city, county, building and safety department. Hauling in Los Angeles is a very dependable service aiming to keep LA safe. Our responsibility is to clean the lot completely, making it presentable and safe for the neighborhood. We have had to remove junk that other people have dumped onto the lot. Therefore, we stress "No Dumping" signs. Also, "No Trespassing" signs and a fence around the property are crucial to keep others away. Hauling in LA has cleaned up vacant lots by clearing any debris, furniture, brush, outgrown plants, and much more. This is one of many ways Hauling in LA keeps the city safe, clean, and hazardous free.