Need Muscle Special Misc Projects

Need Muscle – Special Misc. Projects


Need Muscle – 1

Hauling in LA was recently hired by a Crane Company to clean their unmaintained yard. It was an interesting sight, the company had multi million-dollar cranes and equipment but their yard was a complete mess.Tall weeds were growing through the asphalt.The trees and shrubs were overgrown and cluttered around their equipment. The Crane Company hired one of Hauling in LA crews for two days and their yard was picture perfect to match the state of the art equipment.

Need Muscle – 2

During the high winds in Los Angeles a tree fell onto a camper that was attached to a truck. The client called other companies but once he described the scene, other companies backed out and informed him he would have to call the city. However, he found Hauling in LA and we were willing to do the muscle work other companies denied. Our client wanted the camper removed from the truck. Hauling in LA dismantled the camper and removed it. Our client was very pleased with the exceptional work Hauling in LA accomplished.

Need Muscle – 3

There was an old motor home in a property in City of Los Angeles. This motor home was not in a condition where it could be rolled off by like an ordinary motor home. It was extremely dangerous, unsafe and not registered. Therefore, it needed to be removed. Hauling in LA was called to remove the hazardous motor home. We went to the property dismantled the old motor home and hauled it away. Our client needed muscle and Hauling in Los Angeles definitely brought it.